CFES represents students on Engineers Canada’s EIT Committee!

After attending the Engineers Canada meeting in Yellowknife in June, CFES was able to work Engineers Canada to represent undergraduate engineering students on the Engineer-in-Training Committee.

Our new National Capital Liaison Julia Dalphy will be representing CFES on this committee.

The goal of the EIT group is to coordinate national discussion of issues related to EITs and engineering students, and to provide advice to the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board about EIT and student issues. Their work includes creating national guidelines (like the National Guideline on Engineer-in-Training Program and the Guideline for Mentoring Programs), and they also coordinate an annual meeting for the staff from all of the engineering regulators who work on issues related to engineering students and EITs.

The EIT Committee meets by teleconference once per month, for one hour each time. Julia and I will be attending the first meeting in August and we will be writing a report to make sure our members are updated! In the past this committee was supposed to have a representative from Canadian Federation of Engineering Students on the committee, but it has been a while since we’ve had an active one. This year the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students will have a representative on the board again.

Along with the teleconferences, there is a annual meeting. This year, the annual face-to-face meeting will be held on the afternoon of September 12th in Winnipeg. We are invited to send a representative to this meeting. Since it is in Winnipeg, Ben the West Ambassador may be attending.

Once we have a foundation on this committee, and we give our members and update we want to make sure members has a say on what is discussed!

This is the first step to get better representation for undergraduate students to the Engineering Profession! Developing a strong relationship between Engineers Canada and CFES will help us expand representation nationally!