EIT Committee Meeting Report

Hello, CFES members!  I have officially completed my first teleconference with Engineers Canada, as your undergraduate engineering student representative on the Qualifications Board Engineer-In-Training (EIT) Committee. My job is to keep you updated, and ensure that we have a say on what we discuss.

The EIT Committee was put together with a major goal in mind: to create mobility for EITs across Canada. In working towards this, the committee is taking steps to help EITs better achieve their training, by providing tools to help them comprehend the EIT program. All Canadian provinces and territories have associations that regulate the practice of engineering in their province, with some varying procedures (for example, Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) governs engineering in Ontario). By working with all of these professional associations, we hope to increase mobility for EITs.

Already, the committee has put together a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for EITs (Check it out at: http://www.engineerscanada.ca/e/en_eit_faq.cfm). It is unique in the sense that for each question, there are twelve answers– one from each of the provincial/territorial associations. This makes it easy to compare the rules, regulations, and expectations across Canada.

The main agenda of my first teleconference with the group consisted of finalizing updates on the National Guideline on Engineer-In-Training Programs. Updating the document had been the committee’s main project since the spring. We reviewed the last set of feedback from constituent associations, and made the last few changes needed. One of the next projects of the EIT Committee will likely be a document for Supervisors of EITs.

Our next gathering will be at the committee’s annual meeting, this year on September 12th in Winnipeg. Our Western Ambassador, Ben, may be attending an behalf of CFES!

If you have any questions, feedback, or are just curious about what I’m doing, feel free to email me at ncl@cfes.ca. Be sure to keep an eye out for my next EIT Committee update in the Fall!

by: Julia Dalphy, National Capital Liaison