EIT Committee January 2014 Update

Written by: Julia Dalphy, National Capital Liaison

Good day, lovely members of the CFES! I have for you an update on what the Engineers Canada’s Engineer-In-Training (EIT) Committee has been up to. As you may remember, I am your undergraduate engineering student representative on this committee, and I’d love to relay your thoughts and suggestions to the group (they want to hear what we have to say!).

There have been two teleconferences since my last update, both of which have been focused on the development of a new project, entitled the Model Guide: Supervision of Engineers-In-Training. The document will address both the needs of Professional Engineer and non-engineer supervisors, so to make them prepared for working with their EIT and understanding their duties. It is meant to be provided to provincial associations, who can then tweak it for their regions.

At this point, a Table of Contents, Introduction, Purpose, Definitions, and Commitments sections have been generated and revised by the committee. Since the document is intended for both Professional Engineer (P. Eng) and non-engineer supervisors, it was decided that a section on the overall licensure process would be beneficial, as well as a list of resources containing additional information regarding it. The roles and responsibilities of the supervisors will be carefully defined in the document, as well as information on “mentoring” versus or in combination with “supervising”.

The committee’s 2014 Work Plan was also approved, which includes plans to develop the Model Guide: Supervision of Engineers-In-Training. We also plan to investigate further ways to increase the involvement of international engineering graduates in EIT programs, and support the Canadian framework for Licensure by creating the implementation document for Competencies and Requirements for Engineers-In-Training.

So now I want to know: What are your thoughts on this? What would YOU like your future supervisor to know about the EIT program?

If you have any other thoughts, questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me! My email address is ncl@cfes.ca, and Engineers Canada and the representatives from regional associations love hearing your input as much as I do!

by: Julia Dalphy, National Capital Liaison