BEST Complementary Education Courses 2014

Dear CFES,

The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) would like to invite students of CFES universities to apply to attend a BEST course as an observer. As an observer you’ll have the opportunity to meet Engineering students from all over Europe, to learn about a technical topic, to learn how complementary education courses are organised in BEST, to get to know a European city and to have fun.

List of Summer Courses Descriptions – here you will find a list with the available courses for the upcoming Summer season (there’s 53 this season, so the list is quite huge!).

Please note that all Engineering Students from a CFES member school are welcome to apply.

What happens at a course:

  • Courses cover a technical topic, however, a student from any engineering program is eligible to apply regardless of technical background
  • Courses are usually 1 – 2 weeks long with approximately 20 hours of technical instruction per week;
  • In addition to technical instruction, courses include sightseeing activities, experiencing the local culture and an international evening to share traditions from all over Europe

Responsibilities of a BEST Course observer usually include:

  • Volunteering as required to help course organizers with minor tasks related to the hospitality, social and cultural components of the course;
  • Participating in teambuilding activities and games with the course’s participants;
  • Attending lectures and experiencing the academic component of the course;
  • Sharing your experience at the BEST Course with CFES upon your return to Canada
  • Having a good time and bringing your Canadian spirit!

Application procedure:

  • Write a motivation letter indicating why you wish to attend the specific course;
  • Submit your motivation letter (in one email) to:
    • The course contact person (stated below) of the course you wish to apply to;
    • The Ambassador of BEST (
    • The CFES IEC Activity Manager (
    • Also include the tag “[Application]” in the e-mail subject line
  • The motivation letter should be submitted by 28th of March 2014 (you can expect replies a week or two after)

A good motivation letter:

  • Explains why you wish to attend the specific course (i.e. Why should the local organisers pick you?);
  • Tells the organizers about yourself (e.g. home city, University and program, hobbies, etc);
  • The letter not only describes your academic and leadership involvement but it gives the organizers a sense of your personality;
  • It should be concise (recommended length: 1 page);
  • The motivation letter should be targeted to a specific course (e.g. the same motivation letter should not be sent to a course in Paris and one in Copenhagen);
  • If possible, be creative! In some cases you will be sending motivation letters to courses with several applicants and your motivation letter will have to stand out. :


  • A participation fee, when collected, will not exceed 45€.
  • Meals, accommodation, and sightseeing activities are provided by the organizing city during the course;
  • You are responsible for arranging and financing your return travel to the host city.

If you have any general questions, contact us through Questions specific to the course can be addressed to the contact person listed for each Course (with in cc). To learn more about BEST, visit our website