Commissioner Applications

Hello, CFES members!
After another great Congress, the time has come for the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students to open up Commissioner applications for the 2015-2016 year! If you would like to join our team for the upcoming year, then apply before February 13th, 2015 at 11:59:59 PM.

The application form is available at the following link:

Any member of a member school is welcome to apply for a position. If you have a sharp set of skills, a particular interest in a project or task, want to give back, or otherwise want to get involved and contribute to our national body, this could be great fit for you.

Commissioners are key players on the Officer Team, who each deal with a specific set of tasks / projects. We have commissioners in order to best divvy up the work of the CFES into specific portfolios. Then, they can be worked on individually (or with other assigned individuals, if that’s decided) until the Officer Team regroups at Summer Meeting, then again at President’s Meeting (where we also present to the members), Fall Meeting, and Congress (where we once more also present to the members). Transition and yearly goal-setting occur at Spring meeting. Below are the descriptions of the various Commissioners:

– Administrative Commissioner: Formerly the “National Capital Liaison. They are responsible for communication directly with the bank and Engineers Canada, ensuring that minute distribution and website content is kept up-to-date, taking meetings with our account manager, and working closely with the VPFA, as well as managing storage of documents.

– Academic Commissioner: The Academic Commissioner is responsible for representing the CFES at the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) meetings, and will work on various academic issues. There are 3 CEAB meeting during the year (two in Ottawa and one elsewhere in Canada). This year’s focus will be on collecting data on academic issues surrounding the engineering curriculum and academic engineering student experience.

– Official Languages Commissioner: This person is responsible for translating throughout the year between French and English. This person must also manage the newly-instated Translation Team, which will have a few members in addition to the OLC. Any applicant must be fully bilingual.

– Publication Editor: Formerly the ProMag Activity Manager, this position calls for someone passionate about the (digitally) printed word. The Editor is responsible for finding, vetting, and editing articles for the online magazine (a service of the CFES, dubbed the CFES Publication). A basic knowledge of IT/websites is recommended.

– IT Commissioner: This person is responsible for maintenance of our websites and email accounts, as well as assisting the activities in web design and hosting. A comprehensive knowledge of web-based services is required.

– Leadership Development Commissioner: This person is responsible for designing, planning, and running a Leadership Development program for first year / new-to-involvement students looking to get more involved with EngSocs. The program will run at Congress and must be well-though out and structured.

– Corporate Relations: This commissioner will assist with developing sponsorship packages. This commissioner will also be responsible for communicating cross-Activities with companies that want to sponsor multiple CFES events, and work to establish longer-term agreements and partnerships with them.

– Media & Marketing Commissioner: Formerly the Social Media Commissioner & Branding Commissioner, the person in this role should be passionate about online communication. They will be encouraging communication across universities. They will also be responsible for updating our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts; promoting our Services and Activities; and generally promoting our brand. Also, they will help Activities to combine the CFES brand with the unique brand and style of their specific activity. This includes assistance with logo design and approval of the activity logos.

– Chair of the Board: This position requires a deep knowledge of Robert’s Rules, and a passion for policy. During the year, the Chair will be responsible for organizing the agenda for no less than 4 Board meetings, and then chairing these meetings either in person or online. Twice a year, at President’s Meeting and Congress, the Chair of the Board will also serve as chair of plenary, where over 40 student leaders discuss the direction of the CFES. In addition, the Chair is responsible for updating the Policy Manual and Constitution throughout the year.

We look forward to receiving your applications! Please be sure to promote this to your members and explain what the CFES is all about! They could become a great part of it so long as you relay the opportunity.