National Engineering Month Poster Contest

It is February; one month before National Engineering Month, which means it is nearly time for us to roll out our CFES National Engineering Month poster contest! To best serve the elementary students, teachers and engineering societies alike, a website has been made for this event.

English link here!
This website acts as a reference point for NEM-newcomers. It explains what National Engineering Month is, who is involved, and what the contest is for. We also have links to the short-form rules and the poster. NOTE: the poster made available on the website is lower resolution, and you shouldn’t use it for printing. The poster is available at this link: here!
We haven’t heard very many members ask us about NEM so far, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions! The success of this project is dependent on your engineering society’s involvement.
Here are some relevant dates for the poster contest:

  • March 2nd – Poster submissions commence. Submissions are due to the NEM liaison (elementary teachers) at the elementary school.
  • March 21st – Poster submissions are due at noon.
  • March 25th – Deadline to have your engineering society’s posters submitted (electronic scan  or by snail mail) to the CFES.
  • April 6th – Provincial winners announcement date.
We look forward to seeing the submissions come in! This is a great opportunity for the CFES to showcase itself as a student organization and as a supporter of National Engineering Month. Let’s do our best to show the engineering profession what we are capable of.