Mission & Vision


The CFES supports growth and communication within its members to ensure their moral, intellectual,  cultural, academic, social and economic well-being. The Federation represents and promotes Canadian undergraduate engineering students on a national and international level. The CFES will not align itself with any political partisan movement.


The goal of the CFES is to solicit, represent, organize and exchange views, information and activities pertinent to the goals of the members at a national level as to ensure their moral, intellectual, cultural, academic, social and economic well-being, and to improve the quality and scope of Canadian engineering education. The means by which this will be done are:

  1. Offering bilingual opportunities which foster the development of the following facets of an engineering education:
    • Leadership
    • Professional and Ethical Qualities
    • Engineering Identity
    • Technical Proficiency
    • Communication
  2. Provides representation on issues relevant to engineering students in Canada and affiliate itself with any organization pursuing the same goals,
  3. Promotes the free exchange of ideas and experiences to support the constant evolution of student environments across Canada.