Events and Services

Canadian Engineering Competition

CEC allows students to showcase their engineering skills at a very high level and challenging competition. Students compete in difference categories, such as communication, design challenges, and debate and are judged based on their ideas and presentation skills. This event also features judges from members of engineering companies providing them with a networking opportunity.

Lean 6 Sigma

In partnership with Canada Post, the CFES runs a bilingual Lean 6 Sigma course for students to learn about the principles of lean management. The ten-day course presents management theory and case studies to better understand efficient systems management. Successful graduates finish the course with a Green Belt certification in Lean 6 Sigma.


The CFES Congress is the annual general meeting of all CFES member schools. This meeting lasts a week and is an opportunity to network with members from other schools, attend leadership development sessions, and attend sessions given by industry professionals.

International Engineering Competition

The International Engineering Competition (IEC) brings together the brightest students from all across Canada, the United States, and Europe to compete in consulting and design. The competitions challenge each participant to solve up-to-date problems engineers have to face by teamwork, creativity, and cleverness.

Conference on Diversity in Engineering

The CFES annually hosts a conference aimed at different issues faced by different ethnic, gender, and religious groups in the engineering world. This conference has sessions run by industry professionals, as well as workshops about outreach.

CFES Publication

The CFES produces a publication containing academic journal-type submissions pertaining to research, the engineering student experience, and the engineering profession. The CFES Publication aims to highlight the work that Canadian engineering students do by providing a platform for students to submit their work for their peers to view on a national scale. The accepted submissions will be compiled and issued bi-annually.