National Engineering Month

Welcome to the CFES National Engineering Month Poster Contest page! Here you will find information about the contest, relevant documentation, and information about NEM.

National Engineering Month is held in March of every year throughout the country to celebrate engineering excellence in Canada. With a variety of unique programs in every province and territory, over 500 events across the nation showcase the rewarding and impactful nature of engineering as a profession.

From Engineers Canada:

[National Engineering Month] is an opportunity for youth to learn about many disciplines of engineering, and allow them to see where their skill set and interests are best fitted. Since there are so many areas of engineering, it’s important for kids to understand the various things they can do as engineers so they can pick the discipline that truly motivates and excites them the most. Additionally, the month can teach youth what exactly is needed to excel in the profession.

This is a sentiment that the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students aims to express. Young Canadian students of today are the country’s workforce of tomorrow, and with an ever-growing need for engineers, we want to help inform children of the possibilities and opportunities they may have as a professional engineer.

Our poster contest aims to do just that: to let elementary students inform themselves of the wonderful things Canadian engineering teams do and to have them tell us why they think it is special in the form of a poster. The CFES is aiming to form an impression on elementary students of the positive and exciting career of engineering. We hope that elementary students, teachers, and professional engineers alike are as excited as we are about this contest, and we look forward to viewing the submissions!

Please, do not hesitate to contact Mark Grady at if you have any questions about the contest, about National Engineering Month, or about the CFES. Thank you!


National Engineering Month Poster Contest Rules – Details on eligibility, prizes, etc.

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