Julia Dalphy

Julia Dalphy


Position: National Councillor

Email: Personal: JuliaDalphy@cfes.ca Joint: national.councillors@cfes.ca

About Me

Julia is a 5th year student at the Carleton University in Ottawa, ON, where she is studying Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering, with a minor in Business.

Julia first became involved with CFES when she attended Congress 2013.
Since then, Julia has participated in many other CFES events, including:
• Congress 2013/2014/2015/2016
• President’s Meeting 2013/2014/2015/2016
• CEC 2013
• National Capital Liaison (NCL) 2013-2014
• Administrative Commissioner 2014-2015
• VP Finance & Administration 2015-2016

On top of being a part of CFES, Julia is also involved in a number of other extra-curricular activities, including:
• ESSCO FYIC 2014 Logistics Chair
• OEC 2015 Team Captain, OEC 2016 Observer, OEC 2017 Competitions Co-Chair
• Carleton EngSoc (CSES) Secretary, Director, VP Academic, VP Internal, President
• Carleton EngFrosh Frosh, Facilitator, Group Coordinator, Director, Head Facilitator
• Carleton Troitsky Bridge Building Team, Team Member, Sub-Captain, Admiral
• Carleton Engineering Mentorship Program Mentor x4

In her spare time, Julia enjoys cheering on the Sens, frequenting Tim Hortons, and sewing patches onto her Flightsuit! But really, what’s “spare time”? 😉