Eric Hedekar

Eric Hedekar


Position: Publication Editor


About Me

Born and raised in BC, Eric Hedekar is a first year systems engineering student at Simon Fraser University (SFU). He also holds a BFA in Music from SFU, a BC apprenticeship level 1 certification in Culinary Arts, and occasionally his 5yr old daughter. Over the years, Eric has volunteered in key roles on a number of local, national, and international organizations and projects; he loves getting involved whenever opportunity and passion are in abundance. Some of Eric’s favourite things include camping, acoustics, open source programming, fishing, coffee with piano practice on sunday mornings, and making charcuterie.


Work Plan

For my entire term I plan to build CFES Publication into an online-primary academic journal encompassing the various fields of engineering taught across Canada.The main focus that I will be placing my workload is on attaining content.I will deliver a call for papers draft by July 1st, 2014.

A list of contacts for call dissemination will be created.

Once content begins to flow, readership initiatives will be looked into.

A key point I will work toward is the description of CFES Publication as “Publication” better reflecting the academic nature of the prior-branded ‘Pub’.