Applications for BEST Summer courses are now open, until March 21st, 2020

Through our partnership with BEST (Board of European Students in Technology), all engineering students from a CFES member school are invited to apply to their complementary education courses all over Europe. These are short courses (usually 2 weeks in duration) that focus on a particular technical aspect "aimed at increasing and widening the professional knowledge in a certain field of technology, especially concerning modern technical applications of technology and the latest research achievements."

As a volunteer you’ll have the opportunity to meet Engineering students from all over Europe, to learn about a technical topic, to learn how complementary education courses are organised in BEST, to get to know a European city and, of course, to have fun.

Visit their website to read more about this program, along with the list of seasonal courses (note: CFES members need to apply through the CFES application process, do not apply on the website).

Please note these courses are in English. Your application letter and correspondence to the groups must be completed in English, and you must be comfortable using English for all written and oral communication.

Applications are due March 21st, 2020

A good application contains:

  • Tells the organizers about yourself (e.g. home city, University and program, hobbies, etc). The organisers want to get to know you and make sure they can trust that you will be making the effort to help them with technical side of the course
  • Explains why you wish to attend the specific course (i.e. Why should the local organisers pick you?)
  • Showcases your personality and not only describes your organisational and leadership involvement
  • Should be concise
  • Targeted to a specific course (e.g. the same motivation letter should not be sent to a course in Brussels and one in Istanbul)
  • Be creative!
  • Make your application stand out :) Creative forms such as videos, poems and funny letters are more than welcome!
  • Remember, the application will be read by students like you! Formalities are not necessary;

What happens at a course:

  • Courses cover a technical topic
  • Courses are usually 1 – 2 weeks long with approximately 20 hours of technical instruction per week
  • In addition to technical instruction, courses include sightseeing activities, experiencing the local culture and an international evening to share traditions from all over Europe.

Your responsibilities on the course will usually include:

  • If you apply as a co-organiser: Helping course organizers with minor tasks related to the hospitality, social and cultural components of the course as well as technicalities
  • If you apply as a participant: Attending lectures and experience the academic component of the course
  • Participating in team building activities and games with other participants;
  • Sharing your experience at the BEST Course with the CFES and your Engineering Society upon your return
  • Having a good time and bringing your NGO’s spirit!


  • Meals, accommodation, and activities are provided by the organizing city during the course
  • You are responsible for arranging and financing your return travel to the host city.
Season Applications Period Season Period
Spring November March - May
Summer March June - August
Autumn May September - October
Winter September January - February