CFES Commissioner applications are now open!

If you would like to join our team for the upcoming year, then apply by January 26th 11:59 EST.

APPLICATION Current Team Contacts

Commissioner positions are a great way to get involved with the CFES. They are key players on the Officer Team, who each deal with a specific set of tasks / projects. We have commissioners in order to best divvy up the work of the CFES into specific portfolios.

Below is an overview of what we’re looking for this year for our team; there are 9 positions listed. A few expectations we have for all our officers:

  • Enthusiastic, strong interpersonal skills, and strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to set personal deadlines and motivate yourself to complete any assigned work
  • Able to take time off from school or work to attend meetings required of them (usually meetings take place over the weekends, requiring only Fridays to be taken off; Congress takes place over the full first week of January)
  • Limited concurrent involvements throughout the entirety of the term (within reason)

Please feel free to reach out to the individuals currently in the positions to find out more about what they do and what you could expect if you were to take on the role.

Open Positions

Administrative Commissioner

This person is responsible for ensuring that the minute distribution and website content is kept up-to-date, ensuring thorough documentation of initiatives are recorded, managing the storage of documents, and supporting the VP Finance and Administration.
Ideal qualifications:

  • Experience taking meeting minutes
  • Organized and strong time management skills
  • Experience with Word Press, Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and/or other online productivity platforms
  • Have an idea for a project you’d like to implement in the CFES
    Currently: Céline O’Niel, [email protected]

Bilingualism Commissioner

This person is responsible for promoting a culture of bilingualism within the CFES, as well as the greater engineering community. Potential avenues to achieve this objective include an audit of bilingual practices, communication with bilingual members within the CFES, and exploring and identifying how the organization can improve. This individual will also be responsible for overseeing the translation committee, and providing guidance where necessary.

Ideal qualifications:

  • Fully French-English bilingual
  • Experience translating documents in both directions
  • Experience managing a team of students

Currently: Céleste Lalande, [email protected]

Board of Directors Chair

This person is responsible for facilitating the plenary sessions occurring at Presidents Meeting in September and Congress in January, as well as internal Board of Directors and Officer Meetings. Specifically, responsibilities involve assembling and distributing agendas and motions, consulting on policy matters by members, and facilitating discussion during plenary. In addition, the Chair is responsible for updating the Policy Manual and Constitution throughout the year, and tracking the completion status of mandates.

Ideal qualifications:

  • Extensive experience chairing both large and small meetings
  • Experience writing policy

Currently: Jakob Gattinger, [email protected]

Corporate Relations Commissioner

This person is responsible for managing the written agreements in place with Engineers Canada and the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada (ACEC) as well as ensuring consistent communication with their representatives. This person will assist with developing sponsorship packages and will be responsible for communicating cross-Activities with companies that want to sponsor multiple CFES events, also working to establish longer-term agreements and partnerships with them. Also, this person will act as a point of contact for any new corporate partners who express interest in getting involved with the CFES.

Ideal qualifications:

  • Experience acquiring sponsorship for events, student societies, and/or clubs
  • Outgoing and comfortable networking in both professional and casual situations

Currently: Ian McArthur, [email protected]

IT Commissioner

This person is responsible for maintenance of our websites and email accounts, as well as all activities in web design and hosting. They will also be expected take on projects throughout the year to modernize the CFES and provide new technology services.

Ideal qualifications:

  • Experience with Word Press, Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and/or other online productivity platforms
  • Comprehensive knowledge of web-based platforms
  • Have an idea for a project you’d like to implement in the CFES

Currently: Christine Kim, [email protected]

Leadership Development Commissioner

This person is responsible for designing, planning, and running a Leadership Development program for first year / new-to-involvement students looking to get more involved with EngSocs. The program will run at Congress and must be well-thought out and structured. Additionally, this person is responsible for developing and distributing leadership development materials for use by member schools and providing advisory services to members regarding leadership development at their respective schools.

Ideal qualifications:

  • Extensive student involvement and leadership experience
  • Comfortable presenting in front of large audiences
  • Have an idea for a project you’d like to implement in the CFES

Most Recent (2017-18): Esther Te Linde, [email protected]

Media and Marketing Commissioner

This person will be responsible for updating our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, promoting our Services and Activities, and generally promoting our brand. They will help Activities to combine the CFES brand with the unique brand and style of their specific activity. This includes assistance with logo design and approval of the activity logos. This person will also be required to create and manage templates and infographs in line with the CFES’ branding guide.

Ideal qualifications:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or InDesign
  • Experience taking and editing photographs
  • Have an idea for a project you’d like to implement in the CFES

Currently: Liam Scott-Moncrieff, [email protected]