Our team

The CFES would not be where it is without the incredible and fantastic people that make up the CFES officer team. Click on our profiles to get to know us, send us an email if you have any questions or join us on the CFES discord to be involved in the CFES community. For more information on the CFES officer team structure check out this flowchart


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National executive


Duncan Lamont

vp advocacy

Catherine Betancourt-Lee

VP Services

Bridget Patterson

VP External

Juliette Gagnon

VP communications

Christine Nguyen

Board of directors

board Chair

Risat Haque

atlantic ambassador

Holly Clarke

quebec ambassador

Zoë Mitchell

ontario Ambassador

Carson Bay

west ambassador

Kasey Burgess

national councillor

Avery Opalka

Activity directors

celc 2024 co-chair

Mohammad Shabaaz

CELC 2024 co-Chair

Madison Squires

CDE 2023 co-chair

Zoey Zhang

CDE 2023 co-chair

Oli Misasi

CsE 2024 co-chair

Cait Tomotsugu

CEC 2024 chair

Alexis Hamrak

CSE 2024 co-Chair

Alexa Bautista

PM 2023 co-chair

Cristie Kwan

PM 2023 co-chair

Mackenzie Conrad