The advocacy portfolio within the CFES has grown drastically over the past few years, with a push for a greater presence of student advocacy from our members. The advocacy team is comprised of our VP Advocacy, Social Issues Commissioner and advocacy working group.


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The Document of Stances summarizes the CFES’ official member-approved stances to
outline advocacy efforts in various aspects of the engineering student experience.

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Our stances / memorandums

Engineering Accreditation

“The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students believes that the accreditation system for Canadian engineering programs should protect the interests of engineering students by ensuring a high and consistent standard for the quality of their education and by involving student voices in the process of accreditation visits and the development of accreditation criteria”

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language electives

The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students believes that as the future engineers of a global society, Canadian engineering students should have the opportunity to take elective language skills courses as part of their undergraduate degree program.”

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student mental health & workload

“The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students believes that engineering students confront negative mental health outcomes at rates exceeding the general population as a consequence of the structure and workload demands of their programs.”

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“The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students believes that sustainability is an essential consideration in engineering practice, and believes it is necessary to educate and engage its members on issues of sustainability, while also evaluating and improving the sustainability of its own practices.”

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quality of engineering internships

“The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students believes that the quality of engineering internship programs across Canada is inconsistent and often substandard, and that engineering programs have a responsibility to revise their practices in order to offer students a better value for their program fees.

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equity diversity & inclusion

“The CFES believes that diversity in higher education and the workforce promotes a better exchange of ideas and effectively leads to higher-caliber results. The CFES further believes that a more inclusive environment is essential to closing the gaps that systemically exist across the engineering profession.”

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national surveys

covid-19 survey


Due to the devastating effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the 2020-2021 CFES team conducted the first ever national CFES survey to ask students how they are coping with the pandemic and what they would like to see the CFES do to advocate for them.

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National survey


The 2023 Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) National Student Survey is now open! All engineering students are encouraged to participate in the survey to share their views on various topics.