best courses

The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) would like to invite the CFES members to apply to attend a BEST Course as a participant or take on the role of co-organiser and help with the organisation of the event. You will have the opportunity to explore a European city with students of technology from all over Europe, to learn how complementary education courses are organised in BEST and of course to have fun.

What happens at a BEST Course:

  • Courses cover a technical topic or they could be related to career skills;

  • Courses are usually 1 – 2 weeks long with approximately 20 hours of technical instruction per week;

  • In addition to technical instruction, Courses also include social activities such as sightseeing, experiencing the local culture and an international evening to share traditions from all over Europe.

Learn more about BEST here:

Reach out to our VP External for more information: [email protected]