The CFES Governing Documents are documents which have been approved by the CFES membership which outline the core principles and policies which the CFES follows. This includes describing CFES membership, CFES positions, and outlining the CFES’ stances on various social issues. Please direct any questions about the CFES governing documents to Risat Haque at [email protected].



The CFES Constitution outlines the core values and operational structure of the CFES. This includes describing the CFES’ guiding principles, outlining membership within the CFES, and providing basic information about elections, positions, and activities. 



strategic plan

The CFES Strategic Plan is a document that outlines key priorities and themes for the continuous improvement of the organization. Each plan spans three years and is developed based on the development and execution of prior plans and additional consultation.



Policy manual

The CFES Policy Manual describes the operational policies of the CFES in detail. This includes position descriptions for CFES commissioner positions, financial policy, and details on CFES elections procedures along with several other policies guiding the CFES’ operations. 




The CFES Bylaws provide further details on the guidelines provided by the Constitution, and outline several parts of the CFES’ operations in more detail. This includes detailed position descriptions for the CFES Board of Directors positions, details on membership conditions and fees, and details on the CFES’ general meetings.